Friday, October 21, 2011

How Nerds Say, "I Love You"

text message sent 1:22pm from Charles to BunBun:
Whenever I watch Voyager I think about you.
You're my Captain Janeway.  Can I be your first officer for life?


Remember our Happiness Project and how we committed to finding at least three new ways to convey love and admiration?  Charles takes the prize in this category.

Somehow I managed to keep my childhood Voyager watching a secret from my husband until our second year of marriage.  Not quite sure how I did that actually, because I love me some Kate Mulgrew.  A Midwestern redhead who appears in an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit?  Yes please!  It was actually her Star Trek character, Captain Janeway, who made me first aspire to a position of leadership.

Since we seem to be having a string of confessional posts over here at Charles and BunBun, here is another.  When I was about fifteen, I wanted to "run away" to the Women of Star Trek conference in Cinncinati, Ohio.  I even priced out the cost of Greyhound bus tickets for the trip.  Never thought I would admit that to the world.  Charles' confession?

I would never admit to the world that I consider myself the First Officer of this marriage.

Sorry hunny, but you just did--a perk of being in this officer structure for life, courtesy of the Captain.  You're welcome.

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